The Valencian company Jeanologia, leader in its sector, plans to comoletely eliminate the industrial discharge of the textile industry. Read the news they have recently posted on their blog:

Jeanologia is fully committed to attain the total detoxification and dehydration of jeans production within the next five years. As we celebrate World Water Day, we are taking the next giant leap towards making this goal come true launching H2 Zero: a revolutionary technology to completely eliminate discharge in the textile industry.

During the last 25 years, Jeanologia has worked non-stop with the aim of becoming, not “The best in the world”, but “The best for the world”. The combined use of our technologies (laser, G2 Ozone and e-Flow) is already reducing the average water footprint of garment finishing from 70 to 20 liters. Today, with H2 Zero, we are hitting a new milestone with the development a water solution for the textile industry, that enables us to recycle what little water is still used.

A few key brands have already tested H2 Zero successfully. It’s the dawn of a new era in water recycling systems. Jeanologia stands out as the first European company to bring into effect an ecological income statement through which we measure the cubic meters of contaminated water that are not going into our rivers and seas, thanks to our technology and services.

“2018 has been a record year during which we have become technological partners to big companies so that together we can make advances in changing the textile industry”
Enrique Silla, CEO Jeanologia

In 2018, our water savings reached the 10,651,000 cubic meters of water, 27% more than the previous year. According to World Health Organization standards, that amount of clean water would be enough to cover all domestic water supply needs for 584,000 people during a whole year.

By introducing H2Zero we are hoping to continue growing these savings in our ecological income statement 50% annually for the next three years.